Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clinical tip of the day no. 2 - Heart crack

The Heart crack on the tongue is relatively common. This crack is in the midline extending from near the root to near the tip; it therefore extends nearly the whole length of the tongue. The Heart crack indicates the constitutional tendency to mental-emotional problems: the deeper the crack, the stronger this tendency. If the Heart crack is accompanied by a change in the tongue-body colour and a red tip, it then indicates actual mental-emotional problems.

The two tongues presented here both have a Heart crack. The worst is the one on the bottom because the crack is deeper.


  1. Hi Giovanni,
    wouldn't you say that the first one is a Stomach crack combined with a Heart crack?

    Thank you for the blog


  2. Yes, very well spotted! You must have been taught by someone good!...Yes it is a combined ST-HE crack because it is somewhat wider in the central section. Moreover, it has a dry-sticky-yellow coating inside the crack which means that the Shen is obstructed by Phlegm-Heat.

  3. wouldnt these tongues also demonstrate a patient who is at severe risk for heart disease or heart attack? Would you say that it is a good sign that these condition are forth coming or imminent(sp)?

  4. What herbs and formulas would be prescribed for people with heart cracks in their tongue?