Thursday, June 16, 2011


EMERGENCY FORUM, BRUSSELS, 21st June to save herbal medicine: be there or view on internet
The Alliance for natural Health, the European Parliament CAM Interest Group and other campaign groups will be in the European Parliament in Brussels to question European regulators, along with concerned Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), over how they are handling herbal products in Europe. The questions will be raised in an emergency forum organised by Greens MEPs.

But this is your chance to ask your own questions! If you can make it to Brussels, please be there. It would be amazing to stuff the seminar room full of concerned citizens to really show European regulators the extent and depth of concern.

If you can get to the European Parliament in person next Tuesday for around midday in readiness for a 13:00h start, you will need to register by sending your full name, address, your passport number and date of birth to and by 16:00h Central European Time, Friday 17 June 2011. It would be wonderful to see as many of you there as possible! Access to the European Parliament can be gained via the Altiero Spinelli entrance on Rue Wiertz 60, B-1050 Brussels (see ASP on map).

If you can't be there, you'll be able to watch the debate live between 13:00-16:00h Central European Time via the following livestream link:

We know this is very short notice - but this is an emergency conference, and the scheduling, venue and details have only just been agreed and received by us, which is why we have wasted no time getting this out to you.

Please get this message out as widely as possible to all those you know in Europe (and beyond of course for those who want to view the livestream) who are as concerned as we are.